Dark Sparrow espresso blend

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Σοκολάτα, αμύγδαλο, καραμέλα, κόκκινα φρούτα

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Dark Sparrow is an espresso blend, created with a lot of research, by the Handpickers team. Our goal is to have an espresso that is different from the blends found in the Greek market!

We dared to mix high-quality Arabica beans from Colombia, Brazil and Uganda. Different varieties and treatments give a special character with notes of red fruit, vanilla, and chocolate.

This coffee combines harmoniously with milk and gives us a delicious cappuccino.

Even in the cold version, we have fredo with a full body and a nice aftertaste.

Consists of :

55% Brazil from Sao Benetito farm, natural processing and yellow bourbon variety

30% Colombia Tres Lomas, Huila, liquid treatment and Colombia variety

15% Uganda Chigalagala Kasese area, natural treatment and Sl34 Sl28variety.


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Espresso, Moka Pot, Whole Bean