Our Story

Our story

Coffee for us is a daily “ritual”. After several years in th field of coffee, in the production, teaching seminars, competitions and personal contact with the coffee producers, we managed to create a place where we would share our passion with you.

The name “Handpickers” came from the people whose purpose is to collect only the ripest coffee cherries using their hands. Thus, with their experience and dedication they manage to determine the superior quality of the final product.

The importation of specialty coffees, careful roasting and brewing with all modern equipment and techniques are just a few of the areas in which we continually evolve, in order to offer you the best possible result.

Our target

Our goal is to belong to this huge coffee family by sharing experiences, acquiring knowledge and serving a cup of coffee, full of passion.


Hellenic Barista Championship 2015

2nd place

Hellenic Cup Taster Championship 2014

1st place

Hellenic Brewers Cup 2013

1st place

Hellenic Brewers Cup 2012

2nd place

Hellenic Latte Championship 2012

3rd place

Hellenic Championship Coffee & Good Spirits 2011

1st place

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